Sunday, 19 July 2015

Backpacking in Thailand!

Catching the backpacking bug...- Thailand. 

It's almost the one year anniversary since i set of an amazing adventure to Thailand. I never really blogged about it last year but i did make a video of it all- World Challenge Droylsden Academy Team- Thailand 2014. So give it a click and a watch, it took me a ridiculous amount of time to edit, i ain't no pro... 

In July 2014 i took of an amazing 3 week backpacking adventure where if found myself completely out of my comfort zone.

Seriously, it was such an eye opener. I am one who loves traveling but the way me and my team were able to immerse ourselves into the culture so much made it a once in a lifetime experience. I most definitely caught the travel bug... I'm not going to lie it had it's ups and downs like peeing in the jungle and not being able to shower have a proper shower for days (and when we did the hostel showers were not so good... i'm talking about being able to sit on the toilet and have a shower.). Oh, not to forget being eaten alive by mosquito's. But the positives certainly outweighed the negatives. 

I was a bag of nerves before i left because i really had no idea what to expect and the fact me and my team controlled everything from accommodation, to travel and even to the whole budget was really daunting. However, as cliche as it sounds- its made me a better person. One thing I've took away from this experience is take every opportunity life throws at you. Yes the fundraising over £3,000 was damn hard and being away from home for three weeks made me home sick, it was all worth it in the end. 

I'll leave you with some snapshots of the trip and i'm more than happy to read comments or even answer questions:)

Left-Right: Ria (me), Atlanta, Jess

One of the not so good times... Leeches are not so nice... 

Hard at work:)

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Ria x

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A few days in Belgium...

Recently i visited Belgium with my college History class. The entire trip was orientated around WW1 and so we crammed in many visits to historic monuments and sites. I saw masses of white graves of fallen soldiers which is unbelievably overwhelming to look at. Not to forget the thousands of names printed on to the monuments. The statistics that are thrown at you in text books are really brought to life and really do hit you right in the face. Yeah geeky i know, i really don't care haha. 

Obviously, as i was taking in the great amount of info being chucked at me i admired the beauty of Belgium. One thing i have to say about Belgium is that it is very very green. Like seriously green. As you take in the view from a height there are towns nestled into the green land below. The architecture of the houses in Belgium is so interesting and really cute. I just want to live in one the tiny houses. I have one question though- why do i all the houses have shutters on their windows?. Oh, and the streets are so clean such a contrast to Manchester which is not so clean... 

There's also soooooo many bikes. I wish Manchester was a bike friendly city like Belgium. But we didn't have to best experience with all the Belgian people as one biker got a little angry because we parked for 5 mins covering a bike lane. Lets just say he called us all 'rude English pirates' to our coach driver. Who by the way was so lovely giving us a little personalised tour of some monuments. Thanks Dave or Phil (i can't remember his name!) on 'Bibby' the coach.

On the last day before we caught the ferry at Calais we visited Brugges. It was one of the best parts. We were unleashed in to small winding roads containing lots and lots of Belgian chocolate... We only got 10 minutes to grab the chocolate and go. Any longer and i would of done so much damage. Oh yeah, can i just mention how some places make to pay to use the toilet, why should you pay money to have a piss! Sorry for a bit of a rant. 

I really enjoyed by trip to Belgium and i would revisit. I met such lovely people as well and made such good memories. I can't wait to go traveling some where else, i need to get planning!

Here's some pictures to accompany my descriptions :)

Have you ever been to Belgium?
I'd love to read your comments too.

Ria x

Sunday, 15 February 2015

De-stress. Relax.

*initiate hippy-mode* 

For just about everyone I think life gets a little hectic. Some times we need to sit back, take a breath and just simply not think and not worry. The ways to do it are so simple... Here's what i do:

1- Candles are great
Nothing relaxes me more than a flickering scented candle in a dark room. There's something so therapeutic about it. Set back in a warm bubble bath with a candle (or 6) and just soak. Take the time for yourself, you need it. 

My current favorite candle
2- Read a few chapters...
Find a book you like and find a quite place to read. It's good sometimes to emerge yourself in someone else world, even if it's not real. It gives you a little time to escape reality and just enjoy not think about endless things like, that 4,000 word paper you have in for next Tuesday. It just doesn't exist for an hour!

3- exercise it away! 
It doesn't have to be intense like waking a punching bag, just a little soft exercise, like a stroll for instance. Walks in the country side are best if it's available for you, beautiful green scenic views are so calming sometimes (feels like a major hippy saying that). Oh yeah, yoga's good also, really street he's everything out. I found a yoga 30 day challenge

What do you to relax? Drop a comment :)

Ria xo

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Autumnal Shades

Hola! I haven't blogged in while but i have taken a vow to blog as often as i can... With the rush of life and mounds of college work building up it's my little outlet to relax and enjoy.

I feel this is an obligatory Autumn post but i'm always interested in the shades of lippy people chose to accompany their wardrobe in this season. Well, finally after quite a few failed purchases I've found 'the one'(s), also considering i'm a picky person i feel this is quite the accomplishment!
Left: Lip Bullet Right: Rimmel 107

This matte deep and rich purple 'Lip Bullet' by Topshop looks perfect on my rather pale complexion to. I find often that when a shade is to dark for me it totally bleaches me out and looks painted on, that is not a look i aim for really. This lipstick is rather out there for me as i normally opt for more subtle lipstick's/balms but make ups all about the 'dare to wear' factor sometimes right? I really recommend this shade to the people who have a skin tone similar to vampires just like me. I'm surely going to match this with some subtle rosy cheeks and maybe test it with MAC Woodwinked which is just an antique gold color; there will be lots of dupes knocking around. 

My second Autumn shade I've forever been in love since last winter with is the Classic Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107. Unlike the other it leans towards the red side. This color matches almost any Autumn themed outfit and always makes you look, in a way, 'put together'. This elegant shade is a rather glamorous deep red and again suits my skin tone. The only fault really is that as it is matte it's rather dry, but not much if you have well prepped moisturised lips before applying. 

*Did this help? Any post suggestions? I value your feedback and comments so much!*

Saturday, 4 January 2014


2014- Organisation kick start !

I know its a very boring topic but i really feel at though this year i need to plan everyday and make the most of it. Are you a organised person? I'm certainly not. With my GCSE's coming up, my expedition to Thailand and just general life which you have to keep up with organisation is key. I'm planning on doing this by;

Cute planner from Paperchase!
A diary- Planning each day so i don't forget anything and keep on track. I'm not saying every single day ill have something to do maybe i'll be chilling out, watching movies and drinking -and eating- chocolate or shopping somewhere, (what you will usually find me doing...) But i need to revise, do homework and go gym (which even the thought of makes me sweat tons). This will hopefully keep me on track.

Apps/Notes- I am a list maker, if i have an idea i have to jot it down so my fish brain doesn't have to hold it. My go to list maker is usually my iPhone the amount of notes i have is unbelievable! But also if you go to the 'productivity' section on 'The App Store' there is a range of apps to organize your life! Currently i'm not using any apps but i'm gonna search for a useful one and give it a go. 

Tidy room, tidy mind- I always feel as though your environment has an effect on how feel, for example if its cluttered your mind will be to therefore feeling unorganized. Again, i will admit i'm not the tidiest person... but i will be this year!

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Friday, 3 January 2014

Blog lovin'

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L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution- Review

Cleansing water- worth the hassle or not?

This cleansing water is a dupe for Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Micelle Solution (formerly Crealine) which was 'all the rage' in 2013. I will admit i have never used Bioderma because it isn't available in the UK (you can purchase it from link i have provided) but i guess you cant really go wrong with a dupe? 
//picture source: Google images

After finishing my first bottle of L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution i quickly repurchased another one. My first thoughts were 'It's just water how good could it be?'. Maybe your thinking the same but i don't think you can really go wrong with a make up remover, cleanser and toner in one! If your lazy with your skin care routine like me -which reminds me i must shake of my laziness in 2014. When i use the product ,which is usually at the end of the day, I apply a small amount of it on a circular cotton pad and wipe it round my face as it 'dissolves' the make up (sometimes i repeat this process depending on the amount of make up)  I then use a separate one for my eyes and lips just pressing and wiping gently. After this my skin almost instantly feels soothed and refreshed, don't get me wrong i love make up but my it doesn't half make skin feel like it cant breath; if that makes sense...

I really do highly recommend if you have very sensitive skin which reacts strongly with the rubbing of face washes and make up removing wipes, which sometime you have to use several of and decent ones are pricey. At only £3.32 you cant really go wrong eh? My bottle lasted weeks.

Have you used this, what are you thoughts? or are you a Bioderma lover?
Let me know in the comments, i love reading them:) 

Have you read my post on my all time favorite skin product;